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Terms and Agreement

Be welcome to my home page. It is a pleasure to have you here. :) Below you can find the Terms and Agreement Policy that protects your privacy and data for any purpose. It is very important to highlight that data privacy acts are undergoing worldwide and through the web you can access from anywhere. However, for matters of laws and provision, we are under the Brazilian jurisdiction, once the domain is hosted in Brazil (for more details, check the Marco Civil da Internet (Portuguese version) or its English version (Brazil's Internet New Marco Civil).

Moreover, we are in compliance with the Brazilian Act on Data Privacy - Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD); the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), from the European Union; and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) - from this last one, ensuring that no single data from your side will be on market for any purpose. Please find attached the full versions of the LGPD, GDPR and CCPA in Portuguese and English, respectively: LGPD (P), LGPD (E), GDPR (P), GDPR (E), CCPA (P) and CCPA (E).

Accordingly to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its text, from the United Nations, this website and its holder, as well as any person related to any operations here (e.g., META-CG Initiative), protects deeply your right to advocate for your gender, nationality, race, color, religion, political inclination or any other predicate that may impact sociocultural relationships. Violations to this terms immediately perceived by LH will be censored; and, if you have any non-anticipated violation perceived by him or staff please write immediately to and report accordingly, if being from your willingness. 

Finally, for any further inquiry about our Terms and Agreement Policy, please write to the same e-mail address. We may amend this  Terms and Agreement Policy iteratively without previous alert. Thus, I highly suggest you to check it continuously if you are an assiduous visitor. Moreover, you are totally able to not agree with our Terms and Conditions Policy. META-CG Initiative Researchers and dedicated website section please read the introductory file for the same purposes.

CC By 4.0. Lucas Helal, PhD. December 2021. Terms and Agreement. Version 1, from December 21st, 2021. Contact:

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